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Engaged Sweeper II

I've been using this for the last three monthly Firefox ESR updates. Firefox will update itself but I've seen issues where for whatever reason it doesn't fully update itself and gets stuck in a scenario where it keeps prompting the user to Restart Firefox to update, but when they restart it throws a UAC prompt. I think it's tied to users not fully signing out and leaving disconnected sessions on PCs with multiple users.

This package works great as a supplement to help resolve that issue, as well as guarantee all browsers are being updated even if users don't use that browser as their primary.

Each month I download the new MSI installer, duplicate the Installer, and then update the version number and the Registry check value.

No issues that I'm aware of so far.

From what I've seen even if someone has Firefox open at the time I deploy this, it still updates Firefox on the PC, and whatever browser session they have open at the time stays active on the old version until it's closed, then it gives them the new version when they reopen. This also pushes the new Mozilla Maintenance Service if the PC is not already on the latest update.