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Run a PowerShell script file in a client computer

Please assist - I have a ps1 file that copies data from A - B, need to run the PowerShell file using lansweeper on multiple pc's. Can you please advise methods to do this? If I am doing it right so far, what do I put after {PackageShare} under Instal...

Microsoft Teams Cache Deletion

This script (via Powershell) deletes the roaming profile cache(s) on the target machine. Helpful in a non persistent environment that hasn't used the "Machine Wide Installer".I used this links as reference:PowerShell Basics: How to Delete Microsoft T...

Java Uninstall Deployment

Hi everoyone,I did this deployment to uninstall the new version of Java and install Java 202 in our clients.If i deploy the single steps it works normally, but when I run the whole deployment, it got stuck at the second step.At first I though the pro...

Installing Windows 10 on Win 7?

Can anyone help me debug this installer script? I am trying to upgrade a bunch of older Win 7 machines to Win 10. We've used this setup as an attended upgrade, one machine at a time, but I need a more efficient way to get these machines updated to Wi...

Stop Print Spooler Service

Hi everyone, to help with the new Print spooler vulnerability, I created a quick deployment package to stop the Print spooler service and change the start mode. You can use it in combination with the following report: Select Top 1000000 tblAssets.Ass...

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