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Engaged Sweeper III

This is normally part of a post clone script which does a lot more. I thought this might be able to help someone.
You must allow scripts to run on your computers. the easiest way in a secured environment is to set the running scripts policy to unrestricted in the registry.

BTW, the first part of the script will launch, elevate, and run the powershell script as an administrator.

How to use:
Edit the powershell script to reflect your KMS server name. If you want to log the actions, then use the w-logging.ps1 file. Edit the script and remove the comment tags as directed at the top of the script.

Place the file or files in your scripts folder (you can place them anywhere really). Rename it of course.

The deployment is a command: powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file "{PackageShare}\Scripts\Powershell\Template-ActivateKMSwinoffice..ps1"

And that's it.

Engaged Sweeper II
Can you provide powershell script/file?
JDav007 wrote:
Can you provide powershell script/file?


Also, how moderators approved this?
Moreover, are installer packages get checked before publishing into catalog or not?