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Engaged Sweeper II

just a simple update of FireFox to v70.0. If the endpoint has a FireFox version older than 69 I have found that at least on the software listings in LanSweeper, it still lists that previous version along with version 70.0. If you see a way of improving, be my guest

Engaged Sweeper II
I'm not completely sure, but I'd say that you'd have to have the latest version of FireFox downloaded and the .msi file in your packageshare.

I ran into the same thing when Chrome just updated again. I downloaded the latest .msi, went into the packageshare and deleted the old one and replaced it with the new one and updated the name of the Deployment Package to reflect the correct version. However, if you want to be able to look back and see when you did previous updates, you'll need to make a new Deployment Package and leave the old one alone. When you change the name, it also changes the name in your installer logs as well. Not that big of a deal for me, just FYI.
I have mine set as

DEV.APP.Firefox.v70 <-- Testing new releases
Z.OLD.Firefox.v68 <-- Sorts them to the bottom of the list and you can grey it out.

Stills keep the reporting history for some time, however after the next release is out its bumped down and the old one removed to keep the list at a certain size.
Engaged Sweeper II
Thank you--- do I need to download the latest Firefox installer every time and update this script or will this update to the most recent version available ?