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A FIX for an odd Scan Error WMI/DCOM from scanning server

Champion Sweeper II
Posting this incase it helps anyone

Ok well this has been randomly affecting me for YEARS and I could not find an exact pattern.
Basically we could scan a workstation fine one day, and then the next it would fail. Also (yes we still use lsrmote)
lsremote would partially fail with errors and then connect anyways.

in the past , if this ever happend the ONLY way to remedy this was with the MAGIC repairwmi.cmd that has been posted before.

But just recently I had a need to mass uninstall an OLD version of PCANYWHERE. using a simple powershell 1 line command to do it. The package i made BROKE scanning on ALL the machines instantly. AS it turns out it was not anyhting specific to the package deployment, but the actually pcanywhere uninstall.

I suspect this FIX now is similar to possibly other reasons for similar errors for no reason.

Supporting LINKS and info
google cached broadcom link broadcomLink

the fix is to place back the 1 line of the registry



I have tested this JUST now and after FAILING to scan 1 workstation, putting back that missing line (which was already on other pcs that work) now allows me to scan again using lansweeper with NO errors. No need for the massive wmi repair using that script.

I suspect during cleanups we may have just been removing that software now and again and this caused an issue. Or perhaps other similar actions may have inadvertently remove that feature. either way. 1 line fix.

for now I will simply add that 1 line to my deploy script to fix the issue after uninstalling.
ie this i think.
REG ADD "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Ole" /v "EnableDCOM" /t REG_SZ /d Y /f