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No usable version of libssl was found

Engaged Sweeper

Fresh install of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.
Fresh Lansweeper agent: (Version

Installing is successful (no errors shown).

But upon starting, there is this error:
No usable version of libssl was found

Installed libssl:

in@server2:~$ locate libssl

2 questions:
1) Should the installer not check if the required libraries are available?
2) Which version of libssl do I need for this? And what is the file name LanSweeper is looking for? I might make a symlink to the installed file, but I need to know the exact filename.


Engaged Sweeper
Reply from LanSweeper support:

You are indeed correct. The core issue is that LsAgent for Linux uses .NET core 3.1. However, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS ships with libssl3 which is only supported by .NET 6. Unfortunately, Microsoft has confirmed on GitHub they won’t be adapting .NET core 3.1 to support libssl3 so we will likely upgrade LsAgent for Linux to work with .NET 6 to resolve this problem.

When a release that includes this fix is available, it will be marked on our changelog as LAN-13153. However, we cannot give an estimated release date at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and thank you for your patience.

Let's wait...

Thanks for passing along the support info, Tamas!

Engaged Sweeper
FYI, I'm running into the same issue as well. I've tried installing libssl-dev (i.e. the older OpenSSL version), but it doesn't seem to be recognized by the LSAgent installer.

Anyone from LANSweeper care to specify which version of OpenSSL / LibSSL we should have on a Linux machine, and/or how to get it to install properly on a modern Ubuntu/Debian system?