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Engaged Sweeper II
Hi folks,
I was wondering if there was a way to access/fill some of the more device-specific fields in manually created assets. As a quick example, we are wanting to have all of our iPhones in Lansweeper going forward. We don't use AirWatch or InTune at this point, so we wouldn't be able to scan them.... I'll have to add every single phone to the database (yay... lucky me... haha). Based on the screenshot in this knowledge base article, iPhones scanned via AirWatch include fields like the IMEI and MEID numbers. However, when I go to manually create an iPhone asset, I don't have any of those specialized fields. I have even attempted to create an asset as an iPhone, save it, and then go back in to see if those fields become available after the fact.

So, when you manually create an asset of a specific type, is there any way to also gain access to those specialized fields that you normally see with a scanned asset of that type?
Engaged Sweeper II
You can use the Asset Custom Fields - there are 20 of them. Go to Configuration >> Asset Pages and scroll down to Asset Custom field. from there, you can change the display name and the type of data the field will contain. For example, I have Custom01 set to "Date Received" and the type set to "date." Custom02 is "Date Deployed." When you view an asset, if there is data in the field, the data will display and will use the display name you set.
Engaged Sweeper II
Thanks, I actually do make use of the Custom Fields and am familiar with them! I was just really hoping to make use of the built-in fields that Lansweeper apparently already has somewhere without needing to burn extra custom fields. Like I said, the screenshot in their knowledge base documentation does seem to indicate that IMEI/MEID fields are already a thing, they're just hidden unless a device actually gets scanned in as a phone.

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