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Engaged Sweeper
Has anyone had success in scanning a Windows target in another network zone protected by a Fortigate FW with NATing rules. Not Lansweeper specific, but I found this article https://forum.fortinet.com/tm.aspx?m=65235 that speaks to what appears to be the same issue I’m having.

In their situation, they ended up disabling the DCE-RPC Session Helper. I need to discuss with my FW admin to see if that’s even option, but wondering if anyone else encountered this and what did you do to resolve.
Champion Sweeper II
We have >1000 physical locations behind just as many Fortinet firewalls and have not encountered any issues. We had a large number of tools that interrogate using WMI prior to bringing Lansweeper in, so it's possible we had this as a part of our configuration already.
Thanks for your response. I was able to engage my FW admin and he disabled DCE-RPC Session Helper as per the article I referenced. I'm now scanning without any issues.