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Champion Sweeper III
So there are some nice reports but they are not something you would want to go look at all the time but when they happen it would be nice to trigger an email.
Since you have a sql back end, is it possible to use triggers in conjunction with the product to perhaps trigger an email when certain conditions are met?

for example, an alert on systems report that shows 10% disk space. I have the report, it's nice but I don't want to see it every day unless....a new system shows up or the count goes beyond X # of systems?

Engaged Sweeper III
I agree.
For one, I'd like to receive an alert whenever a new device shows up on our network.
I don't mind weeding through the devices that I know about, to locate the ones that someone tries to sneak in.
The new help desk has email capabilities, is it possible to tap into that feature for alerting reasons?
Engaged Sweeper III
Champion Sweeper III
@Doratheexplorer Thanks! I actually cannot believe there is nothing like this if there isn't already. Sure would make the system more useful for monitoring like you indicate.
Engaged Sweeper III
Looking for this feature myself, I think I'm just overlooking it. This feature must be there, because I can't believe such a simple feature isn't implemented right now. (simple as this: if report X has >0 items, mail it one time)

In case this is not implemented yet: this will make LS a (nearly) full-fledged monitoring Software (using PRTG for this right now). Although LS will not have graphs/history for Data, alerts would still be sufficient for SOHO sites.

By the way, sending "alerts for reports listed in the web console's Reports tab, which are sent on a scheduled basis" as described here: http://www.lansweeper.com/kb/113/sending-email-alerts.html are not alerts. It's not an ALERT if you send it on a scheduled basis... It's, well, it's sending a report on a scheduled basis!

Alerts happen just in time, simple as that.

Who the heck came up with this misleading clarification?