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Engaged Sweeper
Lansweeper version v. 6065

We use Vipre by Threatrack for AV.
About a month ago we migrated from their server based version to their cloud based version.
The old agent was uninstalled and the new Agent was installed.
The Agent name remained the same.

When we now run " All workstations with Anti-virus software" report or all Software report.
All PC's show two instances of the software.
AssetName software version Enabled Uptodate RetrievedFrom OS Lastseen
PREETHI-PC VIPRE Business Agent Yes Yes WMI Win 8.1 10/16/2018 9:24
PREETHI-PC Windows Defender No No WMI Win 8.1 10/16/2018 9:24
PREETHI-PC VIPRE Business Agent 10.0.7238 Software comparison Win 8.1 10/16/2018 9:24

The last one in bold is the correct Agent with the correct version information.
If you drill down into the computer and go to installed Software it correctly identifies only one agent installed the correct one.

Any idea why ?
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
The answer is in the data you provide. Lansweeper will scan for AV information from both WMI and Software. In your case, information about the AV is being found in both WMI and Software.

WMI information does not include specific version number, but it does mention that it is up-to-date. What you could do is remove the Vipre software from the list of Anti-Virus Software, this would only leave WMI information.
However, I presume this is not what you want. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent Lansweeper from retrieving WMI AV information.

Last thing you could do is edit the report to exclude vipre information scanned form WMI