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Engaged Sweeper III
Just to be clear. Asset Radar sniffs ARP, DHCP, and UDP packets to get the information. In order to be comprehensive, this requires scanner(s) in each broadcast domain or some form of forwarding these packets to a scanner?

I was assuming the scanners were polling the routers/switches for this information and not sniffing packets.

Cool feature, but I don't know how to make it work without adding more than a dozen scanners and extending all vLANs through our virtual infrastructure.
Engaged Sweeper III
Does anyone know if lansweeper plans to have "remote sensors" other than the scanning servers?

I think pulling ARP data from routers and switches would be better.
Champion Sweeper III
Looks as like the Asset Radar is very similar to McAfee's RSD feature

They make the following recommendations for RSD sensors:

  • Install sensors on systems that are likely to remain on and permanently connected to the network, such as servers. If you don’t have a server running in a given broadcast segment, install sensors on several workstations to ensure that at least one sensor is always connected to the network.
    Tip: To guarantee that your Rogue System Detection coverage is complete, you must install at least one sensor on each broadcast segment of your network.

  • If you use DHCP servers in your network, you can install sensors on them. Sensors installed on DHCP servers provide full visibility for covered subnets, which are subnets where the DHCP servers assign IP addresses to endpoints directly or through relay agents. Using sensors on DHCP servers can reduce the number of sensors you must install and manage on your network to ensure coverage. But, it does not eliminate the need to install sensors to network segments that are not directly covered by the DHCP servers.

  • Tip: Installing sensors on DHCP servers can improve coverage of your network. But, it is still needed to install sensors on broadcast segments that use static IP address