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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hi All

I've been putting a bit of thought into the Lansweeper 'Authorized Software' capability.  It's currently on-prem and having spoken to a few customers its fairly well used.  As such I've got a couple of questions if people are happy to give me their opinion.

  1. Is it enough to have this for just Windows Software (I think the tables have the field but I think the on-prem UI just give the option to update windows)
  2. To make this available in the cloud, what do we think makes the most sense
    • Do it the same way as on-prem
    • Try and have a bulk update capability similar to the std inventory screen, that way it can be updated the same as any other field
  3.  is there a need to have it for hardware?  On reading the CIS Controls documentation it seems to suggest that its also expected for Hardware.  My view is hardware is managed or unmanaged, rather than authorized but when I read the documentation I get the feeling it should be offered as a value there too.....again would just making a field available via bulk update be the best way to allow (note the field doesn't exist today but if you really need it you could use a custom field ......if you don't know how I can get a blog post created)
  4. Finally, if we were to make the authorized software/hardware richer with more than Yes/No, any thoughts on what the other values might be e.g 'Authorized', 'Not Authorized, 'Under Evaluation', 'Partial' (some bits of business might have differing approvals)

All thoughts and opinions are welcome.



Cheers Iain