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I'm trying to import a Sophos MIB file that I found on following location :
The SNMP document of Sophos.
That contains following link

I've saved that file as SOPHOS-MIB.txt

But when I try to import this file in Lansweeper, I do receive the following error : The MIB definition found does not match the file name: 'SOPHOS-MIB.txt'.

Anyone an idea how to fix this. Or where to obtain the correct MIB file ?
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Well, I found out that I had to rename it to : XG-FIREWALL-MIB.txt
Now I was alble to do it.
However the scanning itself doesn't give any returns.
If I use the "Paesler SNMP Tester" walk for OID it does give me the information. Also using the custom OID works.

When I try to use the "Lansweeper Device Tester" with the custom OID
It doesn't give any information.

Paessler results:
----------------------- New Test -----------------------
Paessler SNMP Tester - 20.2.4 Computername: ZAVMGT02 Interface:
17/02/2021 21:02:51 (42 ms) : Device:
17/02/2021 21:02:51 (55 ms) : SNMP v2c
17/02/2021 21:02:51 (68 ms) : Custom OID
17/02/2021 21:02:51 (83 ms) : SNMP Datatype: ASN_OCTET_STR
17/02/2021 21:02:51 (97 ms) : -------
17/02/2021 21:02:51 (113 ms) : Value: XG450_WP02
17/02/2021 21:02:51 (128 ms) : Done

Lansweeper device tester results :
Set to use "Version 2.c" and with the correct community

Scanning SNMP..
Scanning SNMP for custom OID's..
Valid connection: True
Stopped: No results

Hi d_gewillig,

Did you find the reason for this ? I have the same issue when I try to scan more than 72 custom OIDs (below is OK).