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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello All,

What do you think about @Esben_D  recent tutorial on building advanced reports on Lansweeper Cloud with ChatGPT?

Would you try it? And any suggestions if you have?


Honored Sweeper II

We used ChatGPT to create LS Classic SQL Query.

1. Send to ChatGPT LS DB Docs from https://LS_Server/Report/DatabaseDocumentation.aspx

2. Send some in-built SQL query to learn ChatGP 

3. Describe what we want.

4. Test and fix query manually or via some iterations with ChatGPT.


Engaged Sweeper III

I would be interested in knowing more how you sent the database documentation and queries to ChatGPT for it to learn Lansweeper. Like what prompts.

I used it to help with a report earlier, but all I did was send it an existing report and then told it how I needed to streamline it and add some columns.

I am pretty interested in how to actually teach it about Lansweeper though so it can develop a query potentially from scratch with a bit of guidance.

Engaged Sweeper III

I was just searching Google for a ChatGPT-Lansweeper integration and came across that tutorial. I'd definitely want to try this in my organization but I don't believe we have anyone that is well versed in Lansweeper let alone ChatGPT. 

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