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Champion Sweeper
Since Microsoft has moved away from Service Packs, this field is no longer necessary for Windows 10 asset entries (and likely Windows 11 and on), as the default value is 0 (zero).

I would like to see/request that in a general search of a user, that when you see a list of PCs a user has logged in to, that:

Computer | OS | SP | Domain | Logon | Description

...that either the field be added what VERSION of the OS is being reported as having (i.e. 1703, 1909, 21H1, etc.) or that in Windows 10 (or greater) assets, the field be replaced with the VERSION field, so:


Computer | OS | Version | Domain | Logon | Description


Computer | OS | SP | Version | Domain | Logon | Description

I'd upload a screenshot, but we don't have access to a public location to link a host to further show my explanation.