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Community Manager
Community Manager


Congratulations to our contest winners @mdias_software and  @itadamYour entries captured our attention and earned the most votes  In our environment we find this thermometer!! - Lansweeper Community - 73766 and  PS5?!?! - Lansweeper Community - 74039

You've each won a Lansweeper SWAG box, stay tuned for an email with instructions on how to claim your prize.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the challenge, you've shown what it means to be a discovery legend 💪 ! You have also earned new badges for your community profile - look out for these soon.

Spring badgeSpring badgespring badgespring badge

🔍 Missed out on this challenge? Don't worry! Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to showcase your skills and win amazing prizes.

Let's continue exploring together! 🚀

.swag boxswag box

Hello Community!

Our Asset Discovery Challenge ends this week!  Share an interesting asset you've scanned and win some SWAG!  Our asset discovery challenge is all about helping new users learn how others are using the product to discover unique assets in their environment.


Here is how to participate:

  1. Run this report query to discover interesting objects/devices in your network
  2. Note the details of the asset e.g manufacturer, specification (please do no share personal or sensitive details)
  3. Submit the asset details and add any additional info here on the Community to describe why this item is interesting or unique Asset Discovery Challenge - Lansweeper Community

Prize: Lansweeper SWAG Box and Exclusive badge for your community profile!

The challenge ends on 20th April so make sure to submit something before then here  Asset Discovery Challenge - Lansweeper Community


View and Kudo (like) assets others have submitted here Asset Discovery Challenge - Lansweeper Community


Community Manager
Community Manager

This contest is now closed, congratulations to all our winners! Asset Discovery Challenge - Lansweeper Community

Watch this space for the next one!

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