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Engaged Sweeper III
I've found that despite Lansweeper scanning for and having knowledge of "critical" events (they can be seen in the Event Filter widget), they're ignored when it comes to email alerts (I've set one up for a specific ID and source).

It is true that when creating the alert, the event that I'm interested in isn't included in the list (so I had to add it manually), but it should have been there since how else could the Event Filter widget know about it?
Engaged Sweeper III
Just for the record, there was no resolution.

Even if "Add Event" doesn't list what you're after, as long as the correct event id and name are entered it should work. Exceptions are an incorrect email address or trying to trigger an event from a secondary scanning server (the latter is a known bug in 6.0.22).

So, it's a mystery for now. If I ever figure it out I'll post back.

Engaged Sweeper III
Will do, thanks.
Champion Sweeper III
Can you please contact support@lansweeper.com about this problem.
If the event is scanned, it should have been e-mailed