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Engaged Sweeper II
Is there any chance to make deployment that will execute other deployment? Different deployments requires different run mode so i can't make one.
Engaged Sweeper II
Thtat's the idea! Thx!
Honored Sweeper
I try and do everything with a system account or scanning credentials and the odd cases where it has to be as a user, however its annoying dos box that pops up generates some calls, they could have resized that or displayed a message.

The way I have been doing it is to create a asset group (front page), call it in our case SOE Deployment.

Then under scheduled deployments I list that group and every package that should be deployed.

Then when I want to install a bunch of software, I add that asset to the group, re-scan the asset which will trigger the scheduled deployments, once you see them in the deployment tab then remove the asset from the group so it doesn't keep deploying.