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Engaged Sweeper III
We use 3 Servers for scanning and deployments.
Recently deployments running on the main server are stuck at "performing preliminary checks".
The Same Packages run on the other servers without problems. Being the main server, most of the deployments are run of this and is therefore causing huge problems.
I have cleared logs and rebooted all servers without changes.(After giving it 2 days to perform the checks!)
What to do?
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
You can try the following:
  • Check that your Lansweeper service is not stopped when deploying. If the service is stopped the deployment will stop but will show the same message 'Performing preliminary checks'
  • Restart your Lansweeper service and try deploying to deploy to a single asset that stayed on 'Performing Preliminary checks'.
I would recommend doing the following to remove any currently executing deployment that are stuck on 'performing preliminary checks and that are not stopping:
  • Make a backup of your current installation as explained in this knowledgebase article:
  • Stop your Lansweeper Server service
  • Restart the client machines where the deployment is running on or kill the deployment executable on the client machines (remotedeployment_x86/64.exe)
  • Clear the Installer logs by using the "Clear Logs" report option in the left hand pane.
  • Restart your Lansweeper Server service
Engaged Sweeper III
I currently have this problem where it is working on one of my servers fine but other servers are stuck at Performing the preliminary checks. Connection tester from the failing server to a client having the issue are fine. Anything else to look for?
Champion Sweeper
I'd start by running the Connection Tester from your main server to one of the pc's showing the symptom. Look particularly for the ability to access the admin share C$ and if it can manage a scheduled task.

The end of the connection log should read as follows:

Checking C$ Access
Deployment Folder: OK
Access Rights: OK

Checking Task Scheduler
Task was successfully scheduled
Task ran successfully

Task Deleted