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Need to copy a file to all users' appdata folder

Hi All,I have a deployment script which is already copying files to all machines using XCOPY.exe. This works no problem.I now need to install a simple global.dotm template word file inside the following path on all laptops:C:\users\JOE.BLOGGS\appdata...

RoyDeploy by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Dell Client Vulnerability DSA-2021-088

Any way to query affected computer by the new DELL Vulnerability?

ucorreia by Engaged Sweeper
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HELP! Need to interrupt a deployment

Hi everyone!This is urgent...I wanted to deploy the Firefox 93 msi package. Accidentally I clicked on the ".net missing" group button instead of the one where I can choose assets. How can I interrupt this deployment? Lansweeper would install it on se...

JBerner2 by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper not creating tickets

So we just switched to O365 I configured the incoming email to use the O365 setup but lansweeper is no longer processing the emails and creating tickets unless I restart the lansweeperservice. I am also having a problem with Lansweeper notifying us o...

Modify root cause list

Hello,I am trying to create a more useful root cause list as the current list appears stale. Where would I go to make these changes?Thanks,Arno

abutter by Engaged Sweeper
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Duplicate tickets without copying attached documents?

I routinely "Duplicate" tickets and some have documents attached to the old ticket. The new duplicated ticket brings the old documents into the new ticket.How do I prevent this from happening or at least remove them once their attached to the new tic...

rader by Champion Sweeper III
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Lansweeper Cloud

Hi All, Have just setup Lansweeper Cloud. Is there a requirement for Inbound firewall changes etc from the Cloud Console to the On-Prem Server? Both our scanning servers are in the Internal network, if that is the case do we need the scanning servers...

dkirin by Engaged Sweeper
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scanning network devices

we have AD auth set up for our network switches. LS is scanning them with a read only AD account , and getting this error - %% Unrecognized command: "cat /etc/*release"It seems the account has access as we get port info and info on what is attached t...