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Engaged Sweeper

Dear All
I have the following problem.
I have my domain, I will use examples for the problem. and I have my controllers dom-cont1 and dom-cont2. I have domain users

user1 and user2.

When reviewing these users in lansweeper, they come up as duplicates in the domain and as if they were local users of the domain controllers.

I see them like this\user1\user2


Does anyone know what this error is due to, it happens to me with a small group of users.

This causes me problems when generating reports, in addition to being an error since there are no local users in the AD. Will it be some group that has these users? . (they are all domain administrators). this on lansweeper 10.4.31

Thanks in advance


Engaged Sweeper III

Curious, on your scanning configuration, do you have the domain scanning set up correctly?
Do you have a duplicate domain scan setup, or subdomain of your domain that is part of your forest?
You mentioned domain admin's are the ones duplicating, so could be they are in each domain of the forest.


Another thought on dom-cont1; is this a computername\username? Did you verify they have not set up local user account? I had a test local account that showed up like this once after it was logged in during scans.

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