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Engaged Sweeper


Hello Community!

I hope to find a solution here. I will try to explain what we are trying to achieve.

Our aim is to build a proper CMDB using the Jira Assets tool, incorporating company access management and various other elements.

One of the tasks is to sync different "asset types" from Lansweeper into the Jira Assets tool. These assets include:

  • Laptops
  • Computers
  • Domain servers
  • Other similar devices or services in our network, totaling over 2000.

We have configured an integration using the Lansweeper add-on.

Here is the problem:

The add-on can only pull predefined "asset types" that have objects in them. By default, all Windows machines are assigned to the "Windows" asset type, which includes all computers, laptops, domain controllers, DNS servers, and other Windows-related items.

My question is:

How can we:

  1. Import laptops as a separate category in Jira Assets
  2. Import computers as a separate category in Jira Assets
  3. Import domain users as a separate category in Jira Assets
  4. Import domain groups as a separate category in Jira Assets, etc.

If a server holds more than one service (e.g., DNS, Active Directory), and Lansweeper sees it as a "Windows" asset type, how can we decompose the same object into different "asset types" and import them into Jira Assets?

Thank you,


Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hello @SUMO our first iteration of the Jira Service Management integration was very much created at a stage when our knowledge was fairly limited.  As there was no asset taxonomy to import into we just went with our own (while other similar products we did the transform to theirs).
We are currently assessing the integration and thinking what needs to be added, while also considering how to structure the data in the target system (JSM).

We would be happy to discuss and get opinions.

Hi @IainCaldwell 

Thank you for the comments.

One way to gain insights is to observe how rival companies handle similar tasks. For example, one such company is ....42.

However, what is currently missing and would be beneficial to have includes:

- A deeply customizable approach for syncing objects to Jira, including Active Directory users and groups, Lansweeper dynamic/static groups, asset groups, and other elements or attributes.
- The ability to map Lansweeper object attributes to Jira asset attributes.
- Management of object relationships.
- Additional features such as:
- Two-way synchronization (a must).
- The ability to sync back assigned issues in Jira that is assigned to synced objects. 

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Thanks - many of these we have been thinking about.

If its ok, I'll ask a few questions

- Mapping groups.  Is there something you are thinking we should map it against.  I tend to use the groups in LS to map to business services, but i don't think that's a common thing.  Any thoughts on what it could/should be mapped to?
- The bi directional element you suggest, particularly the issues.  What do you think you'd use that data in LS for?
Any thoughts appreciated.

Cheers Iain

Hi, @IainCaldwell 

The main idea is to enable the mapping of LS attributes to Jira attributes, allowing for the creation of a customizable root tree in Jira Assets.

For two-way synchronization, if LS is used by separate teams, having information in LS about which tickets are associated with a CI'ses from Jira would be useful. However, this depends on the specific needs of each org.