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Champion Sweeper
Perhaps related to our recent upgrade to v8.1.100.8, I've noticed assets that get 'stuck' in the scanning queue for hours/days.

The Lansweeper server log indicates "Aborted", with the preceding message and a timestamp that shows it's reoccurring every 61 minutes or so, with repeated entries for several different asset names.

I understand the individual fix is to repair WMI (or in most cases, simply reboot the computer). However, it seems there is something that has changed so that instead of the scan simply aborting, Lansweeper tries over and over again.
Given the size of our environment it's not practical to troubleshoot these every day and I've taken to adding individual machines to the exclusion list at least temporarily to assist with Lansweeper performance.

This morning I even cleared the queue, only to have the same machines appear numerous times as I repeatedly cleared the queue.

Is there an alert or report that can be configured to notify when the "ASSETNAME scanning takes longer than 2 hours, repair wmi on this machine!" issue occurs, or behavior to change in Lansweeper so the same scans aren't running repeatedly?