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Engaged Sweeper II
iPhones that are connected to computers by USB are being scanned as Network Devices with a name similar to "iphone.domainname.local". These are not the only network devices being picked up, so I don't want to exclude that Asset type completely. Is there a way that I can just exclude the ones representing the iPhones?

Thanks in advance,
- john
Engaged Sweeper II
Thanks Bruce. I will look at the possibility of excluding by IP address.
Lansweeper Alumni
If these iPhones are receiving an IP address within a specific range you may be able to exclude them based on IP address exclusion. It's unfortunately not possible to exclude based on hostname for non-Windows assets. Mobile devices such as iPhones also don't have the protocols available to retrieve enough information through to automatically determine their asset type as anything other than a network device either, so an asset type exclusion will indeed also not be usable.