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Engaged Sweeper

There is no indication in what VLAN an interface is for Extreme Switches.
While with our HPE-switches we have.
Is this something related to OID and how can we see the VLAN the interface resides in for Extreme switches?






Engaged Sweeper

Just checking in on this.  we just deployed our first Extreme switches and having the VLAN identification is very helpful.  The info is there because in ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine, the VLANs are listed by port and that is scanning using SNMP albeit v3.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

Here are some troubleshooting steps you might want to try:

  • Make sure that your Lansweeper installation is on the latest version. If needed, you can update to the latest Lansweeper version by following the steps in this guide:
  • When your Lansweeper installation is up to date, click the Rescan Asset option on the left-hand side of the switch's web page. And wait for the Last successful scan date to update. Verify if the VLAN information is now available.
  • If the info is still missing, check which data is retrieved from the switch by running the InterfaceScanDebugger tool. The tool can be found here
    • Run the tool directly from your Lansweeper scanning server to your switch with the same SNMP credentials you entered within Lansweeper. Check if the same information is returned in the tool as in Lansweeper.

The interfacescandebugger (mentioned above) can simulate how Lansweeper scans a device. If this tool also does not return the VLANs, it's possible that the device does not provide this information through the standard SNMP scan.  As Lansweeper is not doing an SNMP Walk but an SNMP GET, we scan specific OIDs to get this information. So if the VLAN OID is located in a non-standard location on the Asset, we will not be able to retrieve it with our standard SNMP scan. 

Alternatively, if the standard SNMP scan routine does not retrieve this information, we recommend trying our custom OID scanning to obtain the VLAN info. More information on custom OID scanning is in the KB article below:

Thx, but all of the suggested steps don't work.



with extra OID-rule:




result Extreme:


result HPE:


Custom OID (SNPM GET) is no option > we have stacks with +200 interfaces



Interface 4:8 (4008) has several VLANs:





Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

The "NOSUCHINSTANCE" errors indeed confirm that the data is not present in the queries OIDs, and as such Lansweeper will not be able to retrieve this data.