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Engaged Sweeper

We are running Lansweeper on an OT (e.g. Industrial Control System) network. Although we haven't had any noticeable issues, when we asked our OT vendor this is what they stated:

"There are customer who are using SolarWinds, OpManager etc for network management. Customers must ensure they do not poll data aggressively, also we would recommend them avoid WMI based polling"

What other ways are there to configure Lansweeper to pull SysInfo without WMI polling? Thanks.
Engaged Sweeper III

When you specify the lansweeper server, does it auto add the LSPush scans into LanSweeper?

Or do we need to still move the scanned files into the proper directory for LanSweeper to process the LSPush scans?
Lansweeper Alumni

Lansweeper pulls a lot of information from WMI, when scanning Windows computers. It's not possible unfortunately to prevent scanning from querying WMI. If the security concern is related to remote WMI queries, you could instead scan using the LsPush scanning agent.

LsPush is a small executable that, when run on a Windows computer, scans the computer locally. The scan results can manually or automatically be forwarded to your Lansweeper server for import. You can find the LsPush executable in the Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Client folder on your Lansweeper server and information on its parameters in this knowledge base article.

LsPush can easily be deployed in domain environments with a logon script or group policy. A sample .vbs script that runs LsPush can be seen below. You will need to replace what we've highlighted with the folder hosting the LsPush executable and the name of your own Lansweeper server. If you deploy this script as part of a logon script or group policy, LsPush will automatically scan your machines when users log into them and send the results directly to your Lansweeper server for import. General info on setting up a logon based group policy, not specific to LsPush, can be found here.

Set WshShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") "%logonserver%\netlogon\lspush.exe lansweeperservername",0