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Engaged Sweeper

I was wondering about few things bout Lansweeper.

We have a Hyper-V cluster at work and I'd like to know how does Lansweeper relate hyper-v guests to host ? What protocol or tool he uses to detect it ?
And how does he know which machine is physical and which is virtual, becouse during scanning ip range it discovered machines and some of them were discovered as Windows and some as Linux. I changed asset type of these Linux machines as Hyper-V guests, but still I don't understand how does lansweeper relate them to the host. Now I got 2 asset types in my cluster
1) Windows
2) Hyper-V guest

I know I can't change Windows asset type to Hyper-V guest, unless I remove it and add manually again, but won't it change it back to Windows asset type ?

Secondly I've noticed that on some nodes of the cluster it shows related machines, but on some nodes those machines dissapeared yesterday, and reappeared today. What may be couse of such thing ? After they disappeared I rescaned host few times, and also today in the morning, but without luck. During the day, they just got back again to the host.

Sorry for chaotic question and not very good english.


Engaged Sweeper
Hi Esben.D

Thank you for your response. It is very helpfull since I am new to lansweeper. I was also wondering, becouse at some hyper-v guests I got error "RPC unavailable" I was searching through lansweeper page and forum and only found: "RPC server unavailable" Are those 2 the same errors ?
Is this error caused by lack of some permissions to scan asset or is it something else ?



Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Hi Cody

It is important to understand that a Hyper-V guest asset is only something used within Lansweeper if the asset has not been scanned directly, and therefore has only been scanned through the Host.
Once Lansweeper gathers more data by scanning an asset directly, it changes the type to the more detailed asset type.

On the asset page and host page, you will still see all the links as to who is the host/guest machines, and you can use reports for an overview too.

As for hyper-v guest assets, I believe this data is just scanned from the host's WMI classes. Cluster and Hyper-V logs are retrieved using PowerShell.

Maybe the PS script fails at times? Check if you meet all the requirements:

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