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Engaged Sweeper III
I've been put in charge of establishing the exact procedure by which my organization will move from Spiceworks to Lansweeper (using ethanthekiwi's handy and life-saving guide), but one thing I noticed is that the import template doesn't seem to have a column that differentiates between internal notes and public replies.

Am I missing something, or will we be forced to have all internal notes become publicly viewable replies upon migration?
Engaged Sweeper III
I've been in contact with Lansweeper support agents regarding this inquiry; at this point the only way to accomplish this is via manual edits to the database, which cannot be realistically be supported by Lansweeper support agents.

The way I accomplished this was, after exporting from Spiceworks, to use Excel magic to add the string __PRIVATESPICE__ to the body of each comment that was private in Spiceworks. Then, after the import into Lansweeper, manually edit the database to set any comment with __PRIVATESPICE__ present to private, then remove the __PRIVATESPICE__ string from all private notes.

UPDATE htblnotes
SET notetype = 2
WHERE note LIKE '%__PRIVATESPICE__%' AND NOT notetype = 3;
UPDATE htblnotes
WHERE notetype = 2;

After we finally cutover from Spiceworks to Lansweeper, I'm going to post the full process here. It's heavily based on the guide I linked to above, but with some cool improvements.

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