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Engaged Sweeper
Hello everyone,

My name is Adrien, I work for a large company and we have been using Lansweeper for 3 years, but for a few weeks we’ve been having problems.

I will briefly describe our infrastructure. Our infrastructure is divided into two main parts (On-Premise and Azure), these are connected via VPN, more precisely we have our private network in Azure.

The lansweeper server is on site and we use it to scan all our servers everywhere, we don't use the agent just a special account
with the necessary rights to the assets.

A few weeks ago I noticed that some assets were gone, probably because some were shut down or deleted because of this rule:

- "Set assets to non-active if not seen in the last 30 days"
- "Permanently delete assets not seen in the last 90 days"

So I tried rescanning one of my many networks with servers inside and I can't detect those servers anymore.

If I manually add one of the servers and do a scan it works but I can no longer detect one of them by scan.

I checked everything but I can't find why...


- Firewall rules
- Anti-virus
- Latest Lansweeper Update
- Account right used
- Licence ok

Here are some specs:

Ping is not allowed at Azure so when I scan I use these options: " Don't ping"

You will find attached several relevant screens.

Do have any other ideas please ?

Maybe some options or how to proceed changed with the last version ?

Thank you !