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Engaged Sweeper

My first post so I hope I am posting it correctly. We have about 180 Windows 11 computers and both Jan and Feb the Lansweeper Patch report showed approx 1/3 of them need a patch but when we apply the specific patch listed the machines says it is not applicable. This month the specific patch that the report says is needed is KB5010386.

We like using the patch report as a way to verify that patching has been completed but it looks these past two months like it no longer is of value.

Engaged Sweeper
Microsoft constantly patch their patches. You will find that the LANsweeper report for Windows Updates will be out of date within a week or so if MS release a newer cumulative update.

I have to amend and adjust the report constantly when i realise some machines are constantly showing as out of date.

You can use the MS site : https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Home.aspx to check your updates, it will show you if they have been superseded.

Engaged Sweeper

The March report does not seem to have this problem as we hit 100% up to date the first date. I just hope we can trust this report.


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