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My team is in the process of removing Kaspersky Endpoint Security throughout the network (moving to Cb Defense). Going through the Admin Console on our Kaspersky server is tedious so far. I found in Lansweeper that all Endpoint versions from 8 and up are listed in the MSI Uninstaller. I created a new Deployment and listed all MSI uninstallers for Endpoint in order from 8 to the most recent (

The main issue with that deployment is that it seems to fail in one of two ways: 1) the deployment doesn't find the Endpoint installation on a client even though it's there, or 2) the deployment fails and just gets stuck on the last step (last step on the deployment being the MSI uninstaller for Endpoint

I tested with a VDI and loaded a fresh Endpoint install, restarted, then went to the deployment package. It's failing with the 'stuck on step' error message. The only thing I can think of is that the KLAdmin username and password is needed to actually remove KES from a client; it isn't just enough to have administrative rights when running the task since that uninstall requires their KLAdmin account.

Just throwing this out there in case anyone else has had the same issue - not sure if it's possible to add in the KLAdmin credentials as a parameter but if so I'd think that would help out. Who knows! Either way we're anxious to get rid of Kaspersky.. period.


Champion Sweeper III
been there done that....
1) remove the ones you can from the console.
2) use a report that finds the systems that still have those local groups (I think I posted that one already) with lansweeper
3) create a task that removes those 2 groups based off the report
4) use the kavremvr.exe tool that they have for manual if you need to.
5) run a registry check on systems for any of their keys.

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