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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

After the successful launch of our integration with ServiceNow, our next integration will be with FreshService. If you use FreshService and would like to share your thoughts on what features would you like to see in the integration, we would love to hear from you.

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For a quick chat directly with the team responsible for bringing this integration to life, please let us know and we can arrange a time that is best for you.

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If you are the shy, silent type, but are still interested in this integration you can also email us with your thoughts and what are your priorities for asset mapping, integrationpartners@lansweeper.com

This new integration will allow ADP customers to automatically synchronize their Lansweeper discovered assets from ADP cloud to a FreshService CMDB. The integration populates your CI’s in your FreshService CMDB and then keeps it up to date.

And once last thing, if ServiceNow or Freshworks is not your ITSM / CMDB tool of choice, we would love to hear what is! Reply here or email us at integrationpartners@lansweeper.com

Engaged Sweeper

I have emailed you to see if this is still going ahead or if it already is as it's been nearly 2 years since this post. I would find this very valuable for us and I'm willing to have a chat.

Engaged Sweeper II

Unfortunately I left Freshservice last year for Zendesk. Too bad, otherwise we would have been interested. Our first mission for this year, when we will have access to Lansweeper Cloud Platform, is to create a Zendesk application to link assets to a ticket

Engaged Sweeper

Interested in this integration as we just moved to FreshService and were waiting for an API to become available from LanSweeper. If you’re going to have native integration, that would be even better.