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Resolved! Product update questions

I know there are a few things people have asked about many times on the forums that has not really been answered except for "thats on the wishlist and we have no idea on when this will be done".Scanning Android, iPads, and Chromebooks; this seems to ...

Ed by Engaged Sweeper III
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Minimum access level needed to scan domain PCs

HI. We are currently using an account with FULL domain admin access to perform the scan. What is the recommended account settings for this account? I.E. can we use an account with lower than FULL Domain access for the scanning.ThanksDave

rcav8r by Engaged Sweeper
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Office 365 PowerApps and Helpdesk API

We have Office 365 and we recently added the PowerApps preview to our tenant. Has anyone looked into using PowerApps to created a mobile frontend for the Lansweeper Helpdesk? My focus is having something for my IT staff so they can quickly pull up ...

jolstad by Engaged Sweeper
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Add columns to on the fly report results

Exact scenario -- User searches for piece of software via search box on main Lansweeper dashboard- Selects specific piece of software 'Acrobat XI Pro' which opens what I believe to be an on the fly report 'Software: Adobe Acrobat XI Pro'- Username is...

dshu by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Asset group scan for specific subnet

Dear Support,I'm new to Lansweeper. I created an Asset group and want to create a rule that when a scan runs on a specific network (, it automatically move the assets to the specific group that belong to

myousufhk by Engaged Sweeper
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web console not connecting

Hello,I have a problem connecting to web console remotely.Although I can open localhost, when I try to open web console I cannot.I have a message "The site can't be reached, server ip address could not be found"FYI, I have transferred the installatio...

iova by Engaged Sweeper
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Using LANSweeper for tracking Preventative Maintenance

I am wondering if anyone has modified their LANSweeper to track PM dates for devices? My thought is to use one of the many Custom fields under Assets for a Date and then making custom reporting but I was wondering if anyone else has done something si...

MikeRigsby by Engaged Sweeper III
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Recuring scaning - when it starts first time

I monitor several sites connected via slow wan lines and I try to avoid network congestion when lansweeper scan workstations. I schedule recurring scanning every 25 hours. When will it start first time? I wish it starts at different time for each IP ...

dussan by Engaged Sweeper II
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