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Engaged Sweeper II

Lansweeper supports the collection of LAPS credentials, as stated here:

Does this feature also build up a history of LAPS passwords, so one could say "give me the LAPS password valid on <some day in the past>"?

This would be very useful restoring HDD image backups, i.e. for production machines, where the LAPS password has changed several times since the backup was created.

Engaged Sweeper II

Ok, so, there is already sort of a history, only the date of the detected change might be missing for the two expired passwords, and a possibility to extend the number of expired passwords to a value of say 10 or so.

Then it would be perfect 😉

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

Lansweeper does not build up a history of LAPS passwords except for the mechanism below:

LAPS changes the password of a machine on a specific date/time. If this machine is offline, the update will not occur on the device, and will still have the old password. The administrator cannot retrieve the old password anymore. That is why Lansweeper will store the last two (expired) passwords and the current one.

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