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Scanning Error but using agents?

Hi all, Getting a strange error, we are using agents to scan machines. But have a scanning error. Scan issue found while scanning:No valid credentials found. Check encryption fileHas anyone seen this before? Thanks 

1liminal1 by Engaged Sweeper
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LS doesn't show Videocard Model on Linux Assets

LS doen't show Videocard Model on Linux AssetsDisplay Video card No information foundBut I see such info in lshw:description: Desktop Computerproduct: System Product Name (To Be Filled By O.E.M.)vendor: System manufacturerversion: System Versionseria...

Resolved! Restrict Asset Viewing

We have a new department at our university called eSports.  We want the instructor to be able to view only those assets with no modifications (if at all possible).  How can I restrict a login to only view the assets in a specific asset group, or is t...

File and Folder Access Audit Report

Hello all,I am using a report I found in the forums for folder/file access auditing using event log events. It works, but I end up with a lot more info than needed and a lot of events for the same file/folder access event.Has anyone used a Lansweeper...

JRall by Engaged Sweeper III
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Jan and Feb Patch Reports

Hello,My first post so I hope I am posting it correctly. We have about 180 Windows 11 computers and both Jan and Feb the Lansweeper Patch report showed approx 1/3 of them need a patch but when we apply the specific patch listed the machines says it ...

rokeefe by Engaged Sweeper
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Windows 11 Compatibility report with extras

Hi all!I have a need to make a custom report for Windows 11 Eligibility. I've used the template for that and it works great. However, the task now has changed and I need to see eligible devices that have specific software installed so I can exclude t...

vzabelin by Engaged Sweeper
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Server Migration, Move Scan Targets

Lansweeper version, using the SQL Compact database.I followed the instructions here to migrate our installation to a new server. The new server has a different n...

rtaylor by Engaged Sweeper II
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tblConfigLog.OldValue and tblConfigLog.NewValue

We have a report to show changes made, and by whom. The report shows OldValue and NewValue columns but those are blank. Our CM team needs to see actual values of fields changed in the asset records. We are only seeing "altered asset" or "deleted asse...

PapaTuck by Engaged Sweeper II
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