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Engaged Sweeper
Hello all!

I've recently installed Lansweeper to trial it. Once installed, I've set all the required credentials and let Lansweeper do its thing and discover all my devices.

Within five minutes of Lansweeper scanning, a number of my Windows VM's are reporting higher memory usage. Looking at the history, the VM's that Lansweeper started scanning, the memory had increased by over 3 GB's. As soon as I turned Lansweeper off, the memory returned (somewhat) to normal.

I was using a Windows credential to start the scan. Is 3 GB's of memory increase usual? Should I be using the LsAgent instead of WMI to scan my Windows servers?

Engaged Sweeper
I'm trialing as well and I'm seeing this across all of VMs, including those in AWS. It has not resolved for me and in some cases, the memory went from 65%-70% available to ~10% available. Anyone have any suggestions?
Engaged Sweeper II
Just wanted to chime in that I"m seeing the same thing. This is the same if the agent is installed or not. After about 15 minutes the memory utilization goes away and the issue resolves itself. I've never seen the 3GB increase that you're seeing but having a system go to 80% memory utilization when the LS scan starts is common for my environment.