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Engaged Sweeper

Hi All,

We are still using lsremote but the version we are using is 4.0.13.  It works fine but we would like a newer version.  I contacted Lansweeper support about this.

They said they would -gladly- give me a copy of the newer version (5.x.x. something) but when the tech at Lansweeper looked for it he could not find a copy on their internal servers any longer.

Therefore if anyone out there is using a newer copy of lsremote and it's associated files if you could put them on a google drive or something I would really appreciate it.

If you think I am lying or some such the case ID is case 00572530: LsRemote download

Please no comments from the peanut gallery pushing your favorite remote access solution, or saying lsremote is no longer supported  (I already know this, I'm not asking for support, I'm asking for a copy, and I have permission from Lansweeper to get a copy) or that there are better solutions.   There are.  In fact, one of the best solutions out there, that works exactly like lsremote, is setting up a Megasploit server and using an injection attack module with the -current- version of UltraVNC. (And legitimate Domain Admin credentials, obviously) My only problem is that I don't have a Megasploit server setup at the moment (although, that is on the todo list) and that's a lot of work just for a program - lsremote - that already does what we need it, and in addition we have paid for a lansweeper license (so that we can use lsremote for longer than 60 seconds)

Thanks in advance!

(Note that lsremote is worthless without a real Lansweeper license so there really should not have ever been an issue with posting it publicly on the public archive sites but I digress)

Honored Sweeper

I have here "c:\Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Actions\lsremote.exe"


Yes, that would be nice to get as I believe that is the last version they released.  If you could zip your Actions directory up, (with the exception of your license.txt file) I would really appreciate it!


Were you able to get a copy? I'm needing one too.