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On-Prem Lansweeper - Linux Scanning with LsAgent

I'm trying to set up Linux scanning using the agent and have a couple of issues.First, I can see online that to set up a schedule I should go to 'Scanning > LsAgent Scanning' but I do not see this option. Is this because we're on an older version (v....

jzzzzzzz by Engaged Sweeper
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How to List Wireless AP Connected Clients

I am hoping to be able to list assets connected to access points like you can switches. Under the "network interfaces" section on a switch, it lists each known LS asset as well as other MACs that aren't in LS, with a hyperlink to those known assets. ...

Will_0-1682714222489.png Will_1-1682714432265.png
Will by Engaged Sweeper II
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Automatically export assets data

I want Lansweeper to schedule and automatically export computer data on assets into a .csv file every week. The data content includes computer name, cpu model, memory model, and hard disk model. How can I do this? thank you 

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New Lansweeper patch update

Hi there,    We have released a new Lansweeper version containing fixes for the below reported issues., LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 905 (21 Nov 2023) Fixed: LAN-15881 The HTTP/1 proxy failed to function in specific situa...

ErikT by Lansweeper Tech Support
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Logout disabled users automatically

Hi guys,I've done a bit of testing with disabling users. It seems like a user is able to keep doing everything in LS even if the user has been disabled. At least when the user is already logged in when it gets disabled. This seems to be a big pain po...

MarcoZ by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Lansweeper cloud invite not sending

I created a service account with an email and added it to Lansweeper cloud through the account management tab.  I assign the roles and click send invite, but the email never makes it.  It is not being blocked by Mimecast, it is not being blocked by M...