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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

 Hey Lansweeper Community!

We're happy to announce our latest integration with ThreatAware is a cybersecurity management platform that provides real-time visibility, monitoring and management of an organization's digital assets and cybersecurity tools, enhancing their security posture and compliance. Now Lansweeper customers can have real-time visibility into the health and status of their deployed cybersecurity controls, to help pinpoint vulnerabilities and close security gaps to reduce risk.

Key Benefits of the Integration:

ThreatAware’s Timeline Matching technology: Access a complete, accurate and non-duplicated asset inventory in real-time along with immediate insights into the proper deployment, functionality and health of deployed security tools and controls.

Real-time alerts and notifications: Be aware of any potential cybersecurity issues such as outdated security software, unpatched vulnerabilities or deviations from established security policies.

Continuous validation: Validate that all deployed security controls are functioning and healthy across all of your discovered IT assets. Single source of truth: Gain broader visibility and a single source of truth for various types of IT data as it relates to cybersecurity and the status and health of their security controls, all from a single dashboard.

The integration is available now in the Lansweeper Marketplace. Learn more about this integration here! Have questions or feedback? Feel free to post it below!