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Engaged Sweeper
Actually, this may have started in Chrome 60 for me, but it's definitely happening in version 61. Every note field I edit in a ticket expands its height by one line for every key press. Or at least, for alphanumeric and Backspace keys -- I haven't taken the time to test other key presses. Since the "Send Message" button is at the bottom of the last Note field, you can imagine how annoying this is. After typing a paragraph, I have to scroll waaaaay down to send the message.

I have verified this on 2 different machines running the same version of Chrome 61.0.3163.100. I have not tested all browsers, but can confirm I do not see this behavior on Microsoft Edge 40.15063.0.0.
Lansweeper Alumni
This issue has been resolved in our latest beta release. If you'd like a download link to this release you can contact us via

We're hoping to release this update publicly in the next few weeks.
Engaged Sweeper
Thanks. We started experiencing this issue with the latest chrome update. When the WYSIWYG editor is turned off there seems to be no problems.

@Karen DS
When having a look I noticed that every time a key is pressed it seems that a div is being inserted, I tested this on the jquery.cleditor and the same behavior was not observed, even though it seems that lansweeper is using the latest version of cleditor.

As a temporary measure I tried to unload cleditor using a tampermonkey script with the following: jQuery.cleditor = null;
This didn't stop the editor from loading, but seems to have resolved the issue with the keypresses, I can't recommend it as a solution, but hope it helps you/your team find one.
Engaged Sweeper III
Chrome61 (Chrome OS)

Minor inconvenience, will wait for stable release...
Champion Sweeper III
Google Chrome version 61 indeed seems to have introduced a change which causes this behavior. Our next public update will contain a fix for this issue. This should be fixed in Lansweeper and up.