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Engaged Sweeper
Can you help me to understand basic pros and cons of IP vs OU scan

Which one we can use for enterprise scan to get faster scan response
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
It honestly depends a lot of your network and asset types.
Presuming you are only scanning Windows assets, when simplified, it comes down to the following:
  • IP Range scanning scans an IP range based on a schedule.
  • AD Domain scanning scans assets which have logged onto the domain controller in the past X amount of minutes (to be configured).
Another option worth mentioning is LsPush. When used in a scheduled task or GPO it scans the entire asset when a user logs onto the asset.

Again simplified, LsPush will give you the quickest response time when configured to initiated a scan as soon as a user logs onto the asset.

I would however recommend going through the following knowledgebase articles to get a full understanding of the scanning targets to decide which scanning targets best suits your situation and environment.

Scanning with an IP range scanning target:
Scanning with an Active Directory Domain scanning target:
Scanning Windows with LsPush: