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Engaged Sweeper II

What a depressing turn of events.

Frozen development for the very features that made lansweeper what it was. The new facebook style community for the iphone generation. The cloud push that is "totally free" just waiting to build enough of a user base with cloud-exclusive features (OT even!) while salivating at its very obvious and inevitable relegation to an upper tier.

I'm sure the new management will be happy to lose customers like us,  bound to on prem and air gapped networks who refuse to pay for managed services. And I'll just keep blocking the cloud features with ublock while I trial alternatives that innovated on what I actually wanted, after all what I had is still there.

But I'm left with sadness.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Heads up - this thread is locked to avoid going off topic. If you wish to continue the discussion please start a new thread. Thank you! 

Engaged Sweeper III

While I agree with some of your sentiment I cannot agree with it all.  When it comes to the style of their community forums they are just moving with the times and this is what is popular.  Us old farts cannot expect companies to maintain a 90's style BBS forum with that product looking stagnant and outdated. 

I agree with the cloud push, but again that is what all companies are pushing to.  They are just trying to keep up with the times and their competition.  I am ok with this as long as they still provide a on premise system that can keep close to the same functionality as the cloud system.  Obviously offerings like their vulnerability offering would not do well in a air gapped on prem system without constant updates, would should still be offered to on prem users that can receive those updates.

As far as the upper tier plan push I agree whole heartedly.  If you need to increase the cost to continue development of Lansweeper sure, but don't nickel and dime us to death with increased tiers of functionality just to follow that model.

In summary, we are old farts and settled in our ways, but we cannot expect a company we deal with to not innovate and keep up with current trends because we refuse to move forward ourselves.  There are tons of people younger that appreciate the steps Lansweeper is taking to stay modern and if that means we need to either adapt or stop using their product, I will chose adapt every time as long as that product is still worth the investment.

Engaged Sweeper III

I too am an old fart that shares some of your frustrations, especially with the push to the cloud - though LS are not the only company guilty of this. One thing LS is guilty of is their biased 'surveys' that feature on here - it's often not possible to give an opinion on not wanting to use the cloud version, hence they can then say 'everyone wants to use the cloud' - they may as well say 'on a scale of 9 to 10 how much do you recommend LS'. 

Don't get me wrong, cloud is great where we have a use for it, but LS isn't one of those things - I'm sure lots of people love it.

We have 4 instances of LS due to having multiple air gapped networks - 3 of those will never see the cloud.

Having said all that - LS as it is, does most things we want, only the helpdesk module needs improving but that seems to be dying.  I don't feel as though I'm missing out with the new features.  I rarely update LS now unless there is a bug fix or security flaw that applies to us.

ps - I have an iPhone 😁

Engaged Sweeper II

Thing is, competing solutions have started to catch up, and while it wasn't as big of a deal until some time ago, not having a mobile interface is getting really frustrating, and it really wouldn't take all that much effort, just like improving the helpdesk.

OT scanning being exclusive to the cloud version felt like a slap in the face.

Product Team
Product Team

Dear @fa, thank you for your comments.  We are very interested in your feedback and would like to connect directly with you to understand what you like and dislike about Lansweeper and how we can continue to improve it.

As we are growing and evolving our solution, we want to meet the needs of our current customers.  

We want to make sure you continue to be a satisfied customer of our solution, and we welcome all feedback, as it helps us ensure we are evolving our products in a way that delivers value to all current and future customers.

Engaged Sweeper II

There isn't really all that much to discuss. Your full focus is clearly on the development of a cloud solution that is clearly available for free so that you can beta test it and then make it premium as soon as you think it's worthy. A lot of companies choose not to use cloud services and guess what, most of those companies have local assets that need to be managed.

Your userbase was built upon your core features and all development seems to have stopped on that front. Windows scanning still requires a local administrator. The helpdesk is frozen in 2012. You never added complimentary core functionalities such as SNMP traps or uptime monitoring. We are in 2022 and you offer no mobile version, no high availability, no multi-domain, no live calendar integration, no live notifications, no SAML, and no OT scanning.. unless you use the cloud version.

Well, guess what, I didn't give in to Adobe forcing users to be internet-connected, I didn't give in to Microsoft forcing us to pay a monthly fee, and I most certainly won't give in to lansweeper forcing me to upload my asset database.

I'll keep my own servers and my locally hosted software without sharing my data, and I will die on that hill alone if I have to, thank you very much.

Engaged Sweeper

The new facebook style community for the mentally challenged iphone generation

Well that is not very nice.  I do want to thank you for the post, however.  Seeing the 'stuck in my ways' side of things with the language/frustration you use here helps snap me out of complacency and reluctance to progress with the rest of the world.

Thanks for reminding us all to be better, and not be like you.


I hope your day gets better from here.

Engaged Sweeper II

Thanks, I'll make sure to update the motd on the ssh jumpboxes to our hyperconverged openshift clusters to "this is not progress, real progress is measured by lack of proper categorization, and badges".

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