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Engaged Sweeper
I have a switch which appears to be fully scanned, yet it does not list any of the assets connected to it. I am certain these assets have been scanned. I have one switch however which does show all the assets connected to it. I do not know what the difference between the two are. These are on the same network, same domain etc.
Perhaps it is the credentials being used to scan these switches? Is there a way to check and see which credentials were used to do the scan?
Any ideas are appreciated!

Champion Sweeper II
This is probably the same issue as described here:

Engaged Sweeper
I have partially solved my issue. What I have noticed is that only SNMP v1/2 scanning will show the connected devices (mac addresses). When I try to use SNMP V3 I do not get the asset column where it shows connected devices. This is with IOS 12.2(55)SE5.
On my Nexus switches (Cisco NX-OS(tm) n6000, Software (n6000-uk9), Version 7.1(0)N1) it doesn't seem to be a problem.
I believe this is a Cisco IOS issue.
Champion Sweeper III
I am going to piggy back on this thread too. Sorry @MLafflin! I am hoping this is related and providing my details might help. If not I will delete.
I have not been able to get any switches to show up. they show up as IP's and web servers but not really as switches.
For example a Cisco SG300 shows up as such but nothing shows attached to it. I can log into it there are no scanning errors. It has https access, snmp, ssh, etc so I can't understand what is wrong.
A dell x series switch I have does the same, I can log in and manage it but LS cannot for some reason get in and see devices. Is there a walk thru to make this work?