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Engaged Sweeper III

I have installed the latest version and since then scanning the Windows workstations results in "General Errors". When I look for the error (Errors tab in the asset page) it just report "Error FEATURES". As far as I know, it didn't occur with version

Any idea on what's going on?


Lansweeper Alumni
From Lansweeper 6.0 onwards we added the scanning of optional Windows features. This information is scanned from WMI, a management framework built into Windows operating systems. The data is pulled from the Win32_OptionalFeature WMI class. For some reason, Lansweeper was not able to detect this information from WMI. You can run the command below on the problem computer in an elevated command prompt and open the resulting lansweeperwmi.txt file to see if the information is stored by WMI.

wmic path Win32_OptionalFeature >lansweeperwmi.txt

If the output does not list information, this could indicate a corrupt WMI-class. If so, you can try repairing the WMI-classes by running the script mentioned in this knowledgebase article and manually rescanning the asset afterwards.

Alternatively you can also follow the steps described in the follwing article Fix Blank or Empty Windows Features List in Vista and 7.

If however the WMI-class does not return any data after following the aforementioned articles, there is most likely nothing we can do about this. Since Lansweeper retrieves this data as stored in the WMI class.
Engaged Sweeper
I'm also receiving this error on a few computers. Using lspush also resulted in the same error. I've rebooted the systems and ran a WMI error-fixing script to no avail.
Champion Sweeper III
Please contact us at for bugs and urgent issues.
Engaged Sweeper III
Is there anybody from Hemoco reacting on this issue? The problem persists and it's random: one day a scan works on a workstation, the other day the same workstation fails.

We're having also unreliable scanning on NetApp systems via SNMPv3, which used to work on .22: the automatic scan (midnight) always reports "Scan incomplete", however running the scan manually completes the scan normally. This behavior is systematic.

Can I go back to version .22? What would happen to the database schema on such downgrading?