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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Lansweeper Connector for Service Now Platform.

Lansweeper is building a Service Graph Connector, enabling our customers to consume data discovered by their Lansweeper IT Asset Data Platform within their Service Now Platform. This application will be available for customers, free of charge, from the Service Now store. Once downloaded, this App can be configured and scheduled to extract IT asset data from your Lansweeper Platform, into the Service Now Platform.

Before we can release this, we need some help with the validation and making sure that everything works. This is the final step before we will publish the Application to the Service Now store and we are looking for customers who can help us with this validation. What would we be asking of you?

Requirements to join Lansweeper Service Now Connector Customer test group

  • Current Lansweeper customer

  • Intention to upgrade to Lansweeper IT Asset Data Platform in early customer adoption program (You will get onboarding priority for taking part in the testing.)

  • Current Service Now customer, running the current version (Paris).

Timeline for Lansweeper Service Now Connector Customer test group

  • Lansweeper will confirm your early onboarding customer details for access and support and invite you to migrate to Lansweeper IT asset Data Platform Monday 30th November 2020.

  • Lansweeper will provide you with documentation and access to the Service Now Connector Monday 7th December 2020.

  • Lansweeper will run office hours daily from Monday 7th December to Thursday 10th December 2020 at 3pm GMT to support you in the validation of the connector.

  • Reporting back to Lansweeper of validation of the connector on Friday 11th December 2020.

Commitment to Lansweeper for Connector Customer test group and feedback

That you are willing and able to validate the connector, within the above timeline.

Your time commitment to this testing should be two to four hours in remote sessions (determined by the amount of data).

That you are willing and able to provide feedback to Lansweeper regarding the connector including:

  • Will this connector be useful for you as part of your ITAM process and strategy, please feel free to elaborate here with your response.

  • This is the first release of the Lansweeper Connector, what features or functions could make this connector more valuable to you in future releases?

Validation Testing

You may use one of your non-production or UAT instances or alternatively we can set up a development instance with the Service Graph connector pre-loaded and make that available to you.

After the environment is set up, you need to import data from the source (Lansweeper) and validate that the import functions as expected and the data is accurate. Specific considerations include:

• Ease of configuration

• Import success

• Error handling

• Data Accuracy

• Functionality is as expected

• Functionality is well understood


If you want to take part, please make sure you meet the requirements, you have the time to help out and simply fill in the poll below. Unfortunately, we only have very limited for this validation phase.

How many assets do you have in your Lansweeper installation(s)?
  • 0-1000
  • 1000-2,000
  • 2,000-10,000
  • 10,000-50,000
  • 50,000+

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Simply reply below with any questions you have.

Engaged Sweeper

I’m new to this insider program… We have Service Now and are interested in looking at this… One of the requirements is:

" Intention to upgrade to Lansweeper IT Asset Data Platform in early customer adoption program ( You will get onboarding priority for taking part in the testing. )"

What exactly does that mean?


Hello Tom,

I just wanted to wish you both a happy new year and drop a quick line that the Lansweeper App is now available in store from ServiceNow.

We will be spending the next couple of sprint cycles continuing the development of the app, adding more functionality and of course asset types mapped to CI’s in the SN CMDB.

As you move to our Hybrid version of Lansweeper ADP and can take advantage of this App, please do let me know any feedback you have (good or bad).



Hey Tom,

The connector we are building only syncs with our cloud platform (not our on-prem version) so to be part of the validation project for the SN connector, you would first need to sync some of your assets to our Cloud platform and run the connector from there. Feel free to reach out to me directly for more information etc. and of course, if this is something you are interested in, you can get me at

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