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Engaged Sweeper
Is there a way to schedule a deployment to trigger when the computer is seen on the network? We have many that work remote and would like the software to trigger when they are seen but only deploy once till successful.
Engaged Sweeper
I did that with the report for Firefox and I excluded all clients with version 67.0. Thanks
Honored Sweeper
Yes as Jacob has mentioned you can create a scheduled deployment after scan.

So the moment the machine is scanned, it will start deploying it. However you want to report on a dynamic group or a report so that it doesn't keep trying to deploy to the asset.

Reports are best, however I would suggest starting with a dynamic group.

Eg If machine missing Google Chrome. Then a scheduled deployment checks that group for a list of all machines, once they are scene it deploys to the machine (note set in deployment package rescan asset). This will drop it out the dynamic group as Google Chrome is now installed etc.
Engaged Sweeper
Thanks. Will give it a shot.
Champion Sweeper III
Deployment > Add Deployment Configuration

Execution Plan: After Scanning
Package: (Pick your Package)
Deploy On: (Group, Report, Selection) - I generally do reports so I can target whatever