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Engaged Sweeper
I was just wondering...

Using WMI, can Lansweeper return the computer's distinguished name (DN)? We have all of our machines in OUs in the domain based on their location. It would be a big help to our help desk if they could see the DN in a computer report and know where that machine was physically located...

I just wasn't sure if this is something that lsclient can access on the local machine or if you would have to poll the DC to get that info...
Lansweeper Alumni
This was in the previous lansweeper version but it wasn't used. (and removed in the current version)

Actually lsclient does no scanning of the pc, all the scanning is done by the service.
lsclient just instruct the service to which computer to scan.

Since this is a premium user request I will add it to the todo list for the version 3.5