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Blog series for Lansweeper Pros: Dive deep into what Lansweeper can do and creative ways to help you get the most out of Lansweeper

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Pro Tips #16: HDD or SSD?

This week's Pro tips covers how to grab data from PowerShell and get it into Lansweeper. Specifically, the type of storage on your devices and whether it is HDD or SSD. You can find all the resources ...


Pro Tips #15: Windows Firewall Monitoring

This week's Pro tips blog post covers Windows firewall and how to keep an eye on the status with reports and alerts. Find out more on how you can get alerted when a Windows firewall has issues.


Pro Tips #14: DCOM Hardening

Microsoft DCOM changes are coming soon so its best to be prepared before your information systems run into issues. Details and reports can be found in our DCOM hardening blog post.


Pro Tips #12: Log4j and Lansweeper

Log4j has been dominating most people's week, so in that spirit, we'll keep going. Find out how Lansweeper can help with log4j in my latest Pro Tips blog post.


Pro Tips #10: Deploying LsAgent with Intune

If you're interested in learning how to deploy LsAgent via Intune, LAnsweeper's own sysadmin has put together a how-to in the latest pro tips blog post.


Pro Tips #9: Measuring Success

Using IP locations, I showcase how you can measure how successful your scanning is in each IP location. You can read more in the Pro Tips 9 blog post.


Pro Tips #8: Windows Event Log Auditing

This time I covered some interesting Windows event log items to keep an eye on including failed logons, firewall changes, services installed and manual event log clearing. Read all about it and find t...


Pro Tips #6: IP Address Management

The latest Pro Tips blog post covers methods of using Lansweeper for IP address management. While there isn't an IPAM module in Lansweeper, with some advanced reporting you can get some interesting da...


Pro Tips #5: Power Management

This week's edition is focused on managing power usage by combining uptime and power plan scanning. Take a look at Pro Tips #5: Power Management


Pro Tips #4: Switching Up Your Dashboard

The fourth blog post is all about switches/routers and creating a dashboard to visualize port information. You can check it out in the Pro Tips #4 blog post.


Pro Tips #3: Discovering Remote Desktop Services

My third blog covers Remote Desktop Services along with how you can report on the servers running it so you can monitor them a little better, you can find it in the Pro tips #3 blog post.


Pro Tips #2: Advanced Alerts

Hi all,I created a new recurring segment where I cover some lesser-known topics about Lansweeper. Today we released the second installment about creating advanced alerts.Read the blog post here.Feel f...


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