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Community Manager
Community Manager

Image with text MSP Multisite management portalImage with text MSP Multisite management portal

The partner team at Lansweeper has been working closely with our MSP partners to create our new Multi-site Management Portal, which is designed to empower MSPs to effortlessly manage critical data for all their customers in one place. 

The Multi-site Management Portal allows you to group customers' sites into consolidated “tenants,” providing a unified view of critical asset data across all sites. This feature enables you to access, filter, and export data, and take swift action to pinpoint and remediate issues. Since the data available in the portal is live, if a change occurs, you can see it immediately in the Portal (with historical data available at a later date).

You can use the Multi-site Management Portal for:

  • Aggregated billing
  • Cross-customer reporting
  • Patch Tuesday reports
  • Custom reporting views
  • Hardware/Software lifecycle reporting
  • Anit-virus reporting

If you are one of our MSP partners, we will soon send a webinar invitation to join us for a demo and to discover how the Multi-site Management Portal can enhance your operations.

In the meantime, you can download a quickstart guide to start with the Multi-site Management Portal. You can also access additional technical documentation here.

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