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Engaged Sweeper

Hello everyone,

we have a customer who uses the Lansweeper Help Desk and IT Service Desk add-on module in his company. According to the customer, there is no way to connect this system with our Jira Service Management.

The customer also strictly refuses to submit support cases via our portal solution, as this means double work for him. On the one hand, the customer has to maintain the tickets in their system and on the other hand, they have to enter their cases in our portal.

Previously, we used an email handler to convert the emails into tickets. But we are switching that off.

Have you ever had such constellations? How would you proceed? Has anyone ever connected a Lansweeper system with Jira Service Management from Atlassian?

Best regards,


Engaged Sweeper

Thank you Diego. Our customer hasn't a cloud solution. Everything is on premise. Is that a problem?

The Jira integration is between Jira Cloud and LS Sites (cloud). The migration can be used to migrate the current on prem LS HelpDesk to Jira, to then start using Jira. 

Sorry for the many questions, because I am not familiar with Lansweeper. Does that mean I have to migrate LS HelpDesk to the cloud, and only then can I link it to Jira Cloud? Is there an open API that I could use, or a simple import/export procedure where I could import a csv file?

No worries. LS Help desk is a feature available only in LS on prem. Weather a customer wants to migrate to LS sites or not, the migration tool is useful to import the already created tickets in LS Help Desk in one of the many other Service Desks tools available (Jira cloud is one of them).  If then the customer wants to take advantage of the Jira integration for LS, he'd need to have LS sites (cloud) and Jira cloud. 

In other words, there is no way to connect LS Help on prem with Jira Cloud unless LS Help is in the cloud?
Does this mean that even a specially developed interface would not work?

There is no pre-build sync tool between LS Help Desk and Jira. The migration tool is just an export/import tool. To keep the two synched you may need to create a tool manually that checks the local db about help desk and syncs it with Jira. 

Product Team
Product Team

Please check this page.
After you migrate help desk to Jira, you can use our Jira integration too (cloud to cloud).